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Fire Suppression System

Ezzi offers the widest range of Automatic & Manual Fire Suppression systems and agents to recommend the most suitable protection in each case, without prejudice, and benefit from the special features that make each individual system the most practical, safe and cost effective choices.

Ezzi provides Clean Agents, Water Mist, Foam and Dry Chemical Systems, Kitchen Protection Systems, Protection of Small Spaces including FM-200®, HFC 227, HFC-23, HFC-236ea, HFC-125, Inert IG 541, IG54, IG55, Foam, AFFF, CO2 & Novec™ 1230 with design assistance to the specifiers, application engineering & product selection, price estimations of the equipment’s, mechanical piping network design, hydraulic flow calculations & isometric drawings of the piping network of Fire Extinguishing System as per International Fire & NFPA Standards to ensure exclusive protection.