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Fiberzi poles are manufactured from Plastic reinforced with fiberglass and carry the following benefits

  • Light Weight
  • Long Lifespan
  • Economically Efficient
  • Resistant to Ultra-violet Rays
  • Electrically Isolated (Non-Conductive)
  • High Resistance to Winds up to 160 KM/H
  • High Resistance to Bending and Curvature
  • Ease and Speed of Handling and Installation
  • High Safety Level to Human and Environment
  • Attractive Designs with the ability to Print on Poles
  • Smooth Surface that Fumes and Dust don’t stick to it
  • Resistant to Vibrations allowing longer lifespan to Lamps
  • Diversity and Stability of Colors, Where no need for repainting
  • Resistant to Chemicals, Moisture and Salts, Which Suit Weather Conditions in Coastal Areas


  • Flag Poles
  • Traffic Signs Poles
  • Signal Carrier Poles
  • Solar Lighting Poles
  • Street Lighting Poles
  • Decorative Lighting Poles
  • Overhead Transmission Poles
  • Crossroads and Playgrounds Poles